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Wedding is one of the happiest moments in your life. For you and your partner comes the long-awaited day when you will be joined by a strong bond. The wedding photographer should capture this day the best possible way. After years of looking back wedding photos should be a pleasant revival of the memories and the atmosphere of the wedding day. I am honored to be part of more than 200 weddings in past, makes me an experienced photographer.


Wedding photography must meet several important conditions and it is very important to pay close attention to the wedding photographer's choice.




Wedding photography is a complicated thing and every photographer manages it differently

Most of the time I'm waiting with my finger on the trigger to catch the wedding laughs or tears at the ceremony, just the emotions of the people. I have not seen the wedding day without the emotions, so the photographs have to breathe through this atmosphere!



Digital editing of all selected wedding photos

But photography itself is only the first step. For the photos to be perfect, all must be edited and retouched graphically (setting better crops, making some color corrections, or creating black and white photos).


What quality will I get ?

On DVD, you get all the digitized photos in two resolutions, for printing (24Mpx) and for the web (2000px), which are used for facebook sharing, e-mails, etc.


Make a reservation of your wedding date sooner than others!

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